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This is what Microsoft should do with Minecraft

Minecraft versions have never been the prettiest thing out there. Originally, there was only 1 version: the PC version. Then, Mojang introduced Pocket Edition, which was for mobile devices, or more particularly, smartphones. Then, Mojang introduced a Console Edition. Fast forward to… Continue Reading →

Apple loves innovation. This is what they should do.

Apple seems synonymous with the word innovation. They pride themselves in making products that are innovative. In fact, the reason they were famous with the Mac was because it was innovative. Something new. Something that no one had thought about… Continue Reading →

Microsoft ends support for Vista

Who remembers Windows Vista? After a highly successful XP, Vista was the biggest disaster that struck the Redmond based company. In fact, it was hated so much that Apple ran their famous Mac vs. PC ads based on Vista. Vista was the… Continue Reading →

AMD Ryzen: should you buy Intel or AMD?

AMD Ryzen. Way back in November, AMD teased a brand new CPU based on its new Zen architecture. In short, Ryzen is AMD’s last chance to step up against Intel’s range of Core i processors. But in all honesty, Ryzen… Continue Reading →

Open source vs. proprietary software

When we think of open source vs. proprietary software, examples such as Firefox vs. Chrome or Linux vs. Windows come to mind. But many people don’t know what open source software really means. There are misconceptions such as all free software… Continue Reading →

App for birders: Sasol eBirds

I’m not a tech junky, but when it comes to tech related to animals, I’m more than happy to become a tech junky. Today, in my first tech post, I am going to write a review for Sasol eBirds, the… Continue Reading →

Asus gave Microsoft a hint for the next Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro line of products has proved to be a crazy concept. Currently, the Surface Pro 4 offers up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage and Intel’s i7 processor to offer real laptop grade performance. The Surface… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 might capture more gamers’ hearts

Microsoft is in full swing releasing builds to the insider ring just ahead of the Windows 10 Creators Update. The Windows 10 Creators Update is due to bring lots of new features and improvements for every Windows user. As Microsoft… Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s message to OEMs

Remember back in 2009 when Windows 7 was released after an embarrassing Vista? Ballmer was convinced that Microsoft didn’t need to make its own hardware. That was the OEMs’ job, right? Fast forward to 2012 with the launch of Windows… Continue Reading →

Apple: Drastic action needed

Last year, the Cupertino Tech giant left many fans disappointed. It all began when it announced the iPhone 7. Apple’s decision to be courageous and get rid of the headphone jack turned out worse in more ways than one. Not… Continue Reading →

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