Who remembers Windows Vista? After a highly successful XP, Vista was the biggest disaster that struck the Redmond based company. In fact, it was hated so much that Apple ran their famous Mac vs. PC ads based on Vista.

Vista was the sole reason that Windows XP gained so many users. Enthusiasts who upgraded to Vista reverted back to XP fairly quickly. Sounds familiar? Yes, the same happened with Windows 8. But that’s a different story.

Good and bad news

First the bad news. Vista support (sniff) ends in the next month. The good news? No one really cares.

As ExtremeTech and Trusted Reviews note, Vista support will officially end on April 11, 2017. If you are one of the 0.78% who use Vista, then you should consider upgrading. And please, don’t upgrade to Windows 7, as Microsoft is planning to end support for the OS in 2020.

So long, good ol’ Vista.