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The future of Desktop PCs

Personal computers are around us everywhere in some form or the other. From huge towers to thin and light notebooks, to bezel-less smartphones in our pockets. And in every form factor, computers are getting increasingly powerful. With advancements from the… Continue Reading →

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which can replace your laptop?

The iPad Pro and the Surface Pro are both powerful tablets that can also replace your laptop. In fact, Apple and Microsoft both claim that their tablets, the iPad and the Surface respectively, have power equal to a mobile workstation…. Continue Reading →

iMac Pro: is this the machine pros asked for?

This year at WWDC, Apple announced a major hardware refresh. All Macs now have Intel’s latest Kaby Lake chips and upgraded graphics. But the peak of the announcement was the new iMac Pro. It features up to a 18-core Xeon… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface Pro: A Missed oppurtunity

Yesterday in Shanghai, Microsoft announced the new Surface Pro, a successor to the Surface Pro 4. Yes, Microsoft chopped the number off completely from the new version. DISCLAIMER: I Spy Technology has not gotten its information directly from the keynote… Continue Reading →

Is the iPad Pro really a computer?

It was August 2012 when Microsoft announced the original Surface tablet along a highly embarrassing Windows 8. Shortly after, Satya was announced as the new CEO of Microsoft. It was then when the vision for Surface evolved into making a tablet… Continue Reading →

Razer announces updated Blade Pro laptop

If you have your eyes set on Razer’s Blade Pro laptop, you might want to hold off longer. Razer just announced today an updated version of it’s “pro” gaming laptop, with updated internals and a THX certification for audio and… Continue Reading →

AMD Ryzen: should you buy Intel or AMD?

AMD Ryzen. Way back in November, AMD teased a brand new CPU based on its new Zen architecture. In short, Ryzen is AMD’s last chance to step up against Intel’s range of Core i processors. But in all honesty, Ryzen… Continue Reading →

Asus gave Microsoft a hint for the next Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro line of products has proved to be a crazy concept. Currently, the Surface Pro 4 offers up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage and Intel’s i7 processor to offer real laptop grade performance. The Surface… Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s Surface Studio: Could be better

They say: Never judge a book by its cover. I say: Never judge my post by its title. The Surface Studio was indeed THE most exciting product released in 2016. From its zero-gravity hinge to the all-new Surface Dial, the… Continue Reading →