I Spy Technology started out with the intention to make tech media reliable and trustworthy again. 

Over the years, just like other forms of news and media, the tech media has been taken over by fake news, clickbait, bias, etc. So much so, that it makes it difficult for the average person to differentiate between fake and true versions of news, not to mention having to climb through layers of bias to actually uncover the truth.

I Spy Technology took the opportunity and set out to curb said vices by harnessing the power of “citizen journalism”. 

One of the first of its kind, I Spy Technology isn’t your traditional tech media agency. Instead, it is a platform where individual members of the community can contribute their own stories. This includes personal opinions, as well as breaking news from around the tech world.

This makes bias and fake news much more difficult than with a traditional tech media agency.

Another benefit to this approach is that aspiring writers and journalists have an opportunity to be seen. To have their voices heard. All writers on I Spy Technology are featured on the Writers page with links to their own websites and social media profiles.

This gives individual members from the community a platform to be seen on.


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